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MuscleGun X with Super Quiet Technology. Workout Harder. Recover Faster.

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MuscleGun Percussive Massager. Workout Harder. Recover Faster. Sale $149 (Regular Price $199)

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I did a lot of comparisons with similar products and ultimately decided to go with the MuscleGun. A case, the gun with 6 speeds and 3 positions, 2 batteries, a charger, and 4 tips for the cheapest price was a no brainer. I am highly impressed with this product!


AMAZING! I was impressed from packaging to the moment I started it!! With 6 speeds you can ease your way into a wonderful recovery session. I highly recommend this especially for the price.


BEST INVESTMENT!!! I received my Muscle Gun Pro about 2 weeks ago and I love it! I use it before, during, and after all of my training sessions! I use it on all of my clients and members and they love it too. The Muscle Gun is an awesome product and much more affordable. This is a must have for all athletes who want to perform better, recover, and most importantly help prevent injuries.

Andrew D

Best Buy of 2018! Absolutely love the Muscle Gun! Easily the best purchase I made in 2018, great value at a low price, and goes against the grain of “you get what you pay for..” I’ve had my gun for little over a week, and see the difference with problem areas that I’ve had (golf elbow and shoulder). 

Mike C

GREAT TOOL! This thing is amazing, and very easy to use. Recovery is much faster and I can target specific problem areas, and for a fraction of the cost of the others. Have already referred this to several friends.

Pat Mathews


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